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Waiting for a giant’s foot (by Pensa-Art)


Waiting for a giant’s foot (by Pensa-Art)

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Day Care CenterPokemon LeafGreen for Game Boy Advance


Day Care Center
Pokemon LeafGreen for Game Boy Advance

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decided to make mini headcanon reference sheets for the golden trio if only to keep my colours consistent— but i ended up getting a bit silly with it. oops.

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Anonymous asked: I know this is ignorant so I'm sorry, but can you explain to me the negativity behind calling people g*psies? I didn't know it was a slur until recently and thought it was a lifestyle/culture. Can you explain why it's offensive and how to not offend?



To understand I think you should read this actual account of antiziganism from a Romani-American, Maria Catherine Trefil. I can tell you for days why it’s offensive, but I feel it’s best to read the words from someone who actually faces this type of discrimination. 

[Warning: racial slurs below]

I see the sign at the entrance of the thrift store — “GYPSIE’S SPECIAL: 75% OFF EVERYTHING” — and, automatically, my blood is boiling, but I am silent. It’s not the first time that I’ve seen signs like it. From flat-out racism to the encouragement of well-meant, but nonetheless offensive, stereotypes I’ve already heard everything in reference to my people and, previously, there have been few instances, outside of college classrooms, where I felt safe enough to speak out against such things.

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